How to Convert YouTube to MP4

YouTube is an international powerhouse, reaching more than two billion people around the globe and becoming the second most visited website after Google.

To save YouTube videos as MP4 files, there are several online converters that are free and straightforward.


If you want to watch YouTube videos offline on either your computer or mobile device, converting them to MP4 files may be the answer. This process allows you to download high-quality files that are compatible with many devices – saving both time and internet usage fees! Just keep in mind that downloading copyrighted material without permission from its creators may be illegal.

ssyoutube is a free online service that makes it easy to convert any YouTube to MP4. With its intuitive user interface and compatibility across any operating system, all it takes to convert any YouTube link into an MP4 file is pasting it into the box and selecting which file format you’d like downloaded – among them MP4, MOV and AVI support as well as multiple video downloads at once! Plus mobile phones support makes Y2Mate an invaluable asset!

YTMP3 is another free video converter website, providing easy and high-quality results from downloading YouTube videos directly into MP4 files for offline viewing. Simply copy and paste your URL of choice directly into its box on YTMP3’s website before choosing file size and resolution options – you can even access videos with subtitles!

Easy to use

If you want to repurpose or save YouTube videos offline for later viewing, MP4 conversion is an effective solution. This file format offers higher quality than standard online video and supports numerous devices while taking up less space on devices than other formats. Converting YouTube videos online services makes this task even simpler – most are free with no requirement to install software onto your computer!

These websites also allow you to select an output format, resolution and more when downloading videos from popular services such as TikTok and Vimeo. Once downloaded, these videos can then be edited using any video editing software to produce high-quality clips suitable for social media channels or projects.

Some websites provide an intuitive user interface that makes selecting individual clips or entire videos simple, with an output format and resolution selection process. Y2Mate offers this capability on YouTube videos; its MP4 download option makes your YouTube experience seamless while other features such as its video enhancer can enhance its quality and make your video more eye-catching for audiences.

Though downloading videos from YouTube for personal use is legal, you should be mindful of any associated risks. Republishing copyrighted material could put you at risk from its original owner who could pursue legal action against you.

Converts multiple videos at once

Converting multiple videos at once is a time-saving feature of online video converters that enables you to upload and convert multiple files at the same time. With these convenient tools, saving both time and effort has never been simpler; additionally, users can easily customize output file sizes and qualities according to their individual requirements.

There are numerous free online YouTube MP4 converters that make the conversion process fast and straightforward, supporting multiple formats while being secure. Furthermore, these tools allow you to select output file type and resolution settings – giving you greater control of which format best suits your device while ensuring maximum quality!

Desktop software exists to assist with video conversion, but it can be costly and require a powerful computer. Most programs designed to work on Windows have limited functionality compared to free online converters but may offer other useful features such as built-in media player support or advanced video editing features.

Kapwing provides not only high-quality video encoding services, but also allows users to collaborate on projects both synchronously and asynchronously with teammates – making it simple for anyone anywhere to create and share content regardless of device or location.


YouTube is an enormous global online juggernaut used by over 2.1 billion people globally, providing users with access to videos on virtually any topic imaginable – uploaded either by users directly or purchased from its vast library of copyright-free content. YouTube even allows its users to download these videos onto their computers for offline viewing!

One of the most widely supported formats for YouTube videos is MP4. MP4 files are portable and easy to edit or personalize, making them one of the more sought-after choices on YouTube.

To convert YouTube videos to MP4, the best way is with software programs that support all major media formats. These will automatically transcode them for you and ensure a high-quality result – plus these programs are available both for Windows and Mac computers!

Or you could use an online service to convert YouTube video to MP4. These services are free and don’t require software installation; however, they have certain limitations such as a daily conversion limit or lack of batch-converting capabilities. A desktop converter that offers both batch and playlist support would produce higher-quality output than an online service, as well as be safer for your PC.