Complement Your CNC Shop With Markforged 3D Printers

When you complement your CNC shop with markforged printers you get access to high strength, accurate and beautiful parts that you can make on demand. This enables you to reduce your manufacturing costs.

Markforged’s industrial grade hardware, cloud managed software and engineering grade materials enable engineers to go from CAD to light, strong end-use parts the same day. Choose from the Desktop series the Mark Two and Onyx One or the Industrial series the X7, X5 and X3.

The Mark Two

The Mark Two combines continuous fiber reinforcement with workhorse reliability to print parts and functional prototypes that are stronger, stiffer and more durable than any other 3D printer. It prints composite materials like Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Glass Fibre and HSHT (high-strength, high-temperature) fiberglass that are five times stronger than steel and up to twenty-times stiffer than standard PLA, while remaining much lighter.

It also prints a strong, robust nylon that can withstand temperatures that would turn most other 3D printer filaments to mush. The build plate snaps into place with 10 micron accuracy, so you can pause your print at any layer and remove the bed to add components – and snap it back into the exact same position.

The Mark Two comes with everything you need to start printing right away, including a set of nozzles, 2,000cm3 of nylon base and 200cm3 each of carbon fibre and Kevlar. You can also upgrade to the Professional version for a more comprehensive suite of features, such as materials usage tracking and out-of-material detection.

The Onyx One

With the Onyx One, Markforged has made it possible for every engineer to 3D print strong parts. It’s an advanced professional FFF desktop printer designed to reliably print Onyx – chopped carbon fiber filled nylon that wears brass nozzles down quickly on other 3D printers.

Like all Markforged 3d printers, it’s easy to use with Eiger, their cloud-connected software that manages and evaluates prints from a 4.3” touchscreen interface. It also offers features such as material usage tracking and out of materials detection to reduce waste.

It’s possible to print complex parts and functional prototypes overnight – no more waiting for machining. You can even print hard tooling like soft jaws for jigs and fixtures for a fraction of the cost. As a composite 3D printing system you can reinforce your parts with chopped carbon fibre, kevlar or fiberglass to create incredibly tough parts with excellent strength to weight ratios. You can even print tooling jigs and fixtures that are stronger than 6061-T6 aluminum.

The X3

The X3 is a robust printer that can print high-quality parts and functional prototypes at an astoundingly fast rate. It is capable of printing with a long list of materials including Carbon Fiber, Nylon, Onyx FR, and Kevlar. The X3 also comes with Eiger Cloud, a powerful printing software that allows you to import and orient your part models within the cloud.

Markforged entered the industrial metal 3D printing space with their Metal X printer in 2017. The machine uses an Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing process known as ADAM that prints using bound powder media similar to plastic 3D printers. The part is then washed and sintered, resulting in the mechanical properties of solid metal in all directions.

If you want to learn more about Markforged’s renowned 3D printers, contact us today. We would be happy to answer any questions and provide a custom demonstration. We offer competitive pricing and a number of financing options to help make getting the Markforged 3D printer that you need even easier.

The Metal X

The Metal X is the first affordable, reliable and easy to use metal 3D printer that allows you to go from design to fully functional end-use parts at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods. The Metal X uses filament feedstock of copper, inconel and steel to produce your part using the fused filament fabrication process.

It is based on the already proven technology of Markforged Composite Carbon Fiber printers but for metal. It delivers metal parts overnight using an entirely new process and for a fraction of the cost. Leaving 20th century manufacturing in the dust, you can create anything from industrial replacement parts to injection molds to working prototypes.

The Metal X prints parts layer by layer in an advanced technique called Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM). Printing with metal powder surrounded by plastic supports which are then removed and sintered to become solid metal, this makes it possible to print complex geometries and details that cannot be made using subtractive manufacturing.