How does a Casino Make Money?

Gambling can be a tricky and expensive endeavor. You can win big or go home broke, there is a high risk to reward ratio for both parties involved. However, the inevitable truth is this – “The House Hates Winners” and they would go to immense lengths to prevent you from winning big. This is why casinos spend big on security and the latest technologies, so that every move you make can be monitored and any chance of cheating can be eliminated. Not that its just limited to cheating, but big winning streaks can also get you kicked out as well on website.

Either way that doesn’t and hasn’t stopped people from going into them because everyone has an equal chance of winning and losing in most casino games . That being said, some casino’s would provide you with a $100 casino deposit on 100 free spins which can have a great impact on your overall luck and may turn the tables for you.

How does a casino make money?

One might assume that the primary source of earnings for a typical brick and mortar casino would be the revenue from the casino operations and for the most part that is correct. However, the lengths that they go, to squeeze out every penny from you would be a spectacle all on its own.

First, remember that in each game the house has its edge. It maybe small, it maybe big. For example, in a game such as Blackjack where there is a high chance of card counting, the Casino’s will typically have a limit on how much you can bet, even if you are on a winning streak, which prevents card counters from making big bets. Similarly, there are deck shuffling machines that are used to shuffle the deck midway to prevent a prediction streak.

How do Virtual Casino’s make money?

Virtual casinos here refer to the gambling that is done on mobile platforms typically via mobile apps or on an online website. The mechanics of how online casino make their money is still pretty much the same, except from the fact that most of these online based casinos target new audiences with alluring incentives, like no-deposit games and big bonuses with minimal investment. The goal here is to make you sign up, get your deposit and then leave you to have your way with the platform.

Because online casinos do not require them to have a physical establishment, the operating costs are significantly lower than brick and mortar casinos. This is a prime reason why these virtual casinos are popping up every day and the novelty of  you not having to visit them physically is just icing on the cake.

The disadvantage that most of these online casino’s face is that they have to keep innovating constantly and keep introducing new games and offers to keep the player base interested. This is because, while conventional brick and mortar casinos can keep the player chugging away at the tables and slots, this isn’t the case for virtual platforms, where players can simply quit the app or interface when they are bored. 


Most inner workings of an online casino are still business secrets that needs protecting. To say that the house doesn’t manipulate the results in their favor would be an understatement. However, that is not to say that you won’t ever win anything in a casino. Its purely a matter of luck or chance.