One of 09 iPhone 14 Plus or one of 03 Honda Click 160 Motorcycles Could Be Yours! Discover ACE Money Transfer’s Amazing Offer

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see your loved ones glooming with bliss because of you? Such a wholesome moment is now possible for OFWs who send money to Philippines through ACE.

In the ever-changing economic landscape of the Philippines, Filipinos are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to improve their financial well-being. Leading remittance service ACE Money Transfer is delighted to announce an extraordinary 3-month campaign from June 1, 2023, to August 31, 2023, in response to the demands and expectations of its Filipino users. 

With a variety of exciting rewards, including the eagerly anticipated iPhone 14 Plus and brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycles, this campaign aims to thank ACE’s Filipino community for their devotion.

Understanding the Current Economic Landscape of the Philippines

The Philippines, a dynamic country famed for its rich culture and hardworking people, has suffered its fair share of economic troubles in recent years. Most Filipinos’ quality of life has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic and other circumstances. In 2021, more than 18% of the Filipinos were living below the national poverty line. Families are struggling to make ends meet as a result of the skyrocketing unemployment rate.

In such a scenario, ACE Money Transfer’s campaign stands out as a ray of hope, giving Filipinos the opportunity to better their financial status while keeping close relationships with their loved ones.

Unveiling the Unique Opportunity: Prizes for Senders and Recipients

The three-month campaign from ACE Money Transfer gives Filipinos access to a reliable remittance service as well as a fantastic chance to win wonderful prizes. ACE Money Transfer will enable completely fee-free transfers for the duration of the campaign, ensuring that each and every hard-earned peso reaches its destination free of any deductions. However, this campaign’s appeal goes beyond transfers that are free of charge.

Fulfilling Dreams: iPhones for Senders, Motorcycles for Recipients

What fun it would be to gift loved one’s money and get an iPhone 14 Plus in return! ACE Money Transfer is thrilled to provide this exceptional opportunity to only its Filipino users. Senders of remittances who select ACE Money Transfer as their reliable remittance partner are eligible to win one of the most sought-after iPhone 14 Plus handsets. Modern smartphones will surely revolutionise communication and foster stronger family ties than before.

But let’s not overlook the remittance beneficiaries. By giving away not just one or two but a total of three brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycles, ACE Money Transfer is going above and over. The remitters who recommend a deserving family member or loved one to win this amazing award will be chosen to receive one of these motorcycles. Imagine the joy and thankfulness when a deserving person receives this asset that will change their life by providing them with easy access to transportation and improving their mobility.

ACE Money Transfer: The Unrivalled Remittance Solution

ACE Money Transfer has long been known as a prominent provider of remittance services, providing a simple and safe platform for Filipinos to send and receive money across borders. With a wide range of reliable partners and a dedication to offering competitive exchange rates, ACE Money Transfer has gained popularity among Filipinos all around the world. Customers who participate in this promotion not only have the opportunity to win incredible prizes, but they will also have the opportunity to experience the outstanding convenience and reliability that ACE Money Transfer regularly provides.

Strengthening Filipino Communities, One Transaction at a Time

Beyond only offering remittance services, ACE Money Transfer is dedicated to empowering the Filipino community. The firm has an immense interest in the welfare and advancement of its Filipino users. ACE Money Transfer hopes to contribute to the Philippines’ economic growth by assisting its users and their families through this initiative. The promotion of legal channels for sending remittances plays a crucial role in any country’s economic development. 

Relieving Economic Burden Through Free-Free Transfers

Filipinos can make the most of their hard-earned money by using ACE Money Transfer’s fee-free transfers during the promotion time. This programme directly addresses the financial difficulties that many families have by enabling them to transfer extra money to their loved ones at no additional cost. These fee-free transfers are beneficial for both the senders and the receivers. They can get the full amount of the remittance and therefore increase their financial security.

The Excitement of Campaign

The chance to win a brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycle or an iPhone 14 Plus adds a sense of anticipation and aspiration to the campaign. Filipinos are now capable of not only providing for their family but also possibly winning a large prize that will greatly improve their life.

More detailed information about this campaign is available HERE.

Safe and Secure Cross-Border Transactions

Both ACE Money Transfer’s commitment to offering a safe and convenient remittance experience and its devotion to the Filipino community go hand in hand. Users can feel protected knowing that their transactions are secure and their personal information is safeguarded thanks to cutting-edge encryption technology. Users can send money to even the most remote locations of the Philippines thanks to the wide network of partners that ACE Money Transfer has established.

Fostering Prosperity Through Financial Inclusion

Along with providing safe remittance services and campaign prizes, ACE Money Transfer actively promotes financial inclusion and individual empowerment among Filipinos. ACE Money Transfer makes it possible for families to obtain crucial resources, invest in their children’s education, launch enterprises, and generally improve the quality of their lives by facilitating cross-border transactions. Users get the best value for their money thanks to the company’s commitment to transparency and reasonable exchange rates, which ultimately helps the Philippines’ economy flourish.

Final Thoughts

ACE Money Transfer’s 3-month promotion, which runs from June 1 to August 31, 2023, gives Filipinos an opportunity to improve their financial status while remaining in touch with their loved ones during a period of economic hardship. With fee-free transfers, and the chance to win a brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycle or an iPhone 14 Plus, ACE Money Transfer gives Filipinos the tools they need to realise their goals and build a better future.

Filipinos who choose ACE Money Transfer not only take part in a transformational effort but also join a community that supports their goals and cares about their well-being. Sign up for free to test your luck.