Centrestone Jewellery Insurance

Jewellery is an expression of love – the perfect gift to capture that special moment in time. But it’s not just your engagement ring, birthday present or anniversary gift that needs to be protected.

Many people assume that jewellery is covered under home & contents insurance. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

1. We Deal Directly With Your Jeweller

Jewellery is one of those gifts that can’t be taken for granted, it’s a symbol of love and a treasured keepsake. You’ll want to make sure you do your research before you buy that perfect ring or necklace.

You’ll also need to consider your jewellery’s durability and value over time. Unlike a toaster or fridge that depreciates in value, jewellery is a valuable asset and will often increase in value.

You’ll need to make sure you are getting the best possible insurance cover for your precious jewels. Centrestone has a range of options to suit your needs including a special jewellery specific policy, an ‘instant’ quote system and the latest in ‘no-claims’ protection. Our jewellers are on hand to assist you in selecting the most appropriate option for your personal situation and budget. The right jewellery insurance will give you peace of mind and reassurance. It’s the best thing you can do to protect your jewellery – it’s one of life’s little joys!

2. We Insure Your Jewellery Against Theft

Jewellery is one of the most valuable items in your home and it is important to protect it from loss, theft and accidental damage. Unfortunately, jewellery insurance is not always covered by most home and contents policies.

Generally, you will need to provide an appraisal from a reputable jeweller or sales receipt for the jewellery that you are insuring. This ensures that the value of the jewellery is reflected in your policy, and gives you peace of mind knowing that if there is a claim it will be replaced exactly like for like.

Unlike most other jewellery insurers, Centrestone will deal directly with your original jeweller if there is a claim and pay for the full value of the item (less the excess). As Australia’s jewellery and engagement ring insurance specialists, we guarantee that you will be able to return to your preferred jeweller to have your insured item repaired or replaced in the event of a claim.

3. We Insure Your Jewellery Against Accidental Damage

Jewelry insurance covers a wide range of items including watches, diamonds, gold, silver, and platinum. It protects your precious jewellery from theft and accidental damage, such as scratching, breakage, chipping, and cracking.

A good jewellery insurance policy will replace your damaged or lost jewellery with like-for-like pieces. It also ensures that you can go straight back to your favourite jeweller for any repair work if necessary.

Most jewellery insurers require you to provide some level of paperwork that proves the value of your item. This can include a detailed sales receipt or an appraisal.

The jewellery insurer will then cover the cost of the replacement item, which is usually much lower than the original value. In addition, they will often ask you to have your item reappraised every couple of years.

4. We Insure Your Jewellery Anywhere in the World

Unlike many other home and contents policies, Centrestone Jewellery Insurance insures your jewellery anywhere in the world. This means you can wear your jewellery whilst travelling, without fear of it being stolen or damaged.

We understand that jewellery has a great emotional and sentimental value and is not like a toaster, fridge or TV, which can be replaced quickly. That’s why we have created a standalone jewellery insurance policy that’s specifically designed to protect your precious pieces of jewellery.

Unlike most other home and contents policies that direct your claim to their own workshop or preferred jewellers, Centrestone Jewellery Insurance will replace your jewellery with the same quality and craftsmanship as you had originally purchased. This gives you a much higher level of confidence in your jewellery and helps ease the stress and worry of losing or damaging your treasured possessions.