Buying Quality Standardized A4 Size Copy Paper

A4 paper is the standard size of copy paper. An a4 copy paper dimension is 210 x 297 mm. A4 is a close match to the U.S. letter size of 8.5″ x 11″.

The regular copy paper

Printer paper can be A4 or Letter-sized. The regular copy paper is A4, the standard size in most countries, while the letter-sized paper is the standard in the U.S. 

Where to use A4 paper?

The standard paper size is commonly used by several professionals that work in:

  • Finance
  • Education and more

The A4 paper size is a 216 standard size of ISO. The printing size is easy and simple, and it is also accessible making it a perfect paper measurement for many organizations and businesses. Most of the daily office documents and letters are printed on this paper size. The thickness of the copy paper depends on the weight, which is labeled on the package. 

The most copy paper has a weight that ranges from 20lb.

Guide to your paper size

A4 size paper is a widely used paper size since before. The dimensions of the paper are expressed in centimeters. Printing in A4 is simple and used in many various ways, such as:

  • brochures
  • leaflets
  • magazines
  • flyers

Understanding measurements of A4 size paper in the pixels is useful for resizing the images and defining the resolution. 

 A4 paper dimensions

With A4 size paper, 4 refers to the dimensions of A4 paper, the same as the sheet of A0 paper is cut in half four times. So, A4 is 16x smaller than an A0.

A4 paper size in cm

A piece of A4 copy paper measures 210 x 297 mm or 21 x 29.7 cm. Like the other types of paper in the A series, the A4 size is defined by the ISO or International Standard 216 and used in many countries. 

A4 paper in inches

A series format is not very common in Canada and the U.S. Yet, for the other countries that use the imperial British way of measurement. The dimensions will be expressed through inches. The A4 paper measurements are 8.27 x 11.67″. They conserve the ratio between the length and width. 

A4 paper in pixels

It is as vital to know the pixel values of the A4 if wishing to print images in this format. It depends on the resolution of the image expressed in DPI. For instance, the A4 format on the image with a resolution of 300 DPI is obtained with pixels of 2480 x 3508

Quality A4 paper

A4 is more common today as this has been the usual copy paper used in many offices and even in schools. Whether in a personal or professional context, many are familiar with the A4 as the standard paper size, which is sold in 500 units or a bond.

A4 is used in various industries, notably for the making of: 

  • magazines
  • posters
  • menus
  • flyers
  • calendars
  • notepads
  • reports and more

The list of the use of A4 is endless. So, if you are looking for quality copy paper, you can use A4.