Buying a Wholesale Hotel Bedding Set

Your guests have high expectations of you when staying at either a luxury hotel or motel; they expect the highest-quality sheets and linens for an optimal restful sleep experience. You must provide these high-grade materials for their stay with your establishment.

Selecting high-quality wholesale hotel bedding sets is key to the success of any hotel business. Before making your purchase, there are various factors you should take into consideration.


Hotel sheets tend to be of superior quality. While thread count can be an indicator of quality, fiber length provides even greater durability, helping prevent pilling while making fabric smoother against touch.

Hotel sheets tend to be softer and more durable than retail store ones due to daily laundry cycles which keep them soft without creasing, as well as commercial detergents and fabric softeners that may not be accessible directly.

Quince offers the Luxury Hotel Sheet Set as a high-quality sheet set at an economical price. Crafted from 100% long-staple cotton renowned for its strength and durability, the set helps keep sheets cool and crisp while its percale weave breathable permeates heat away to prevent overheating. Each size can accommodate one fitted sheet pocket depth 18 inches deep as well as one or two pillowcases (depending on selection).


Hotel bedding sets differ significantly from home sheets in that they often consist of multiple fabrics ranging from crisp percale to plush sateen, while weave can impart different levels of smoothness or fuzziness; some sets even boast special finishes designed to repel waterborne contaminants like stains.

Hospitality bed linens must also be robust enough to withstand frequent washes and wear-and-tear. Many of the best sets feature long-staple cotton that resists shrinking, pilling and tearing – another reason most hotels opt for white sheets which can easily be bleached to remain looking new and clean.

Hotel sheet sets should include fitted and flat sheets as well as one or two pillow cases, for your guests’ comfort. Coyuchi offers organic percale sheets that meet strict environmental certification standards of production with their GOTS certified organic percale range – such as being green from seed to store!


Hotel bed linens must be constructed to withstand frequent washing and repeated use while remaining comfortable for long sleep periods. Hotel sheets come in various fabrics and styles – cotton blends as well as those featuring CRF (crease resistant finish) that reduce ironing time; others feature hemmed edges on all four sides to prevent fraying; many sheets also come in classic white for maximum wear resistance without discoloration during frequent launderings.

Most hotels opt for durable cotton sheets, which come in various textures and weaves ranging from silky-smooth sateen to crisp percale. For eco-friendly options try organic cotton from Coyuchi which comes in a chic reusable bag certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). GOTS certification ensures sustainability from seed to sale – also making these hypoallergenic and breathable options perfect for accommodating guests of various sorts.


When buying wholesale hotel sheets, there are a variety of factors to keep in mind when making a selection. From durable cotton percale sheets to silky smooth sateen varieties, there are various choices to consider when shopping wholesale hotel sheets. It is essential to find high-quality sheets that will withstand frequent washings and heavy use without unravelling under frequent washing cycles; easy maintenance should also be a top priority; some materials can be damaged by fabric softeners or bleach, while other can shrink, twist, or pill over time.

Fabric selection also influences how luxurious and comfortable a sheet feels; long-staple cotton fibers or other long thread fibers tend to feel softer and luxurious than short-staple fibers, while certain weaves allow more air circulation for cooling during sleep. To maintain fresh sheets, be sure to wash and remove from dryer quickly!