Benefits of Big Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are a great option for people who want to enjoy music with their friends, at parties or on road trips. They also can be used to play videos on the go, thanks to their portability and high sound quality.

Compared to larger, standard desktop speakers, a big Bluetooth speaker provides impressive sound output while consuming very little power. It’s also very easy to sync and connect to a device.

Powerful Sound

Whether you want to fill a room with your music for a party or take it outdoors, you need a speaker that can get loud. You also need a model that doesn’t compress audio too much at max volume, which can affect how clean and crisp your sound is.

Luckily, there are many Bluetooth speakers that can play your music at a party-worthy level and still provide you with crystal clear sound. The Aiwa Exos-9 is a great example, with its pristine stereo sound that can be pushed to high volumes without degrading the quality.

Other models like the Marshall Tufton are designed to look more like a rock amplifier, making them ideal for parties and outdoor environments. The company’s X-balanced drivers deliver powerful bass and can reach very high volume levels to power your next party. They’re also waterproof and durable enough to withstand the occasional splash or knock.

Long Battery Life

Not all Bluetooth speakers are created equal. A good sounding speaker will quickly lose its appeal if it is constantly interrupted by a low battery warning or is forced to cut out after playing at full volume for too long. The best party Bluetooth speakers will have a ten-hour or higher battery life.

A long battery life also makes the speaker more useful if it is taken out of the home or office and used in places where there is no a/c power available. In addition, the long battery life allows the user to take the Bluetooth speaker outdoors or on a hike without having to worry about finding a power source.

Some Bluetooth speakers are also able to work independently of the device they are synced with and can play music even if the mobile phone is turned off or has been shut down completely. This is a great feature for those who like to leave their devices in the car when driving or on a road trip.

Easy to Carry

Unlike traditional portable speakers, which require an electrical wire to connect to a music source, Bluetooth speakers connect wirelessly with radio frequency signals. This allows them to be used anywhere, from the beach to a morning jog or a backyard barbecue. They are also lightweight, making them easy to carry around the house or outdoors.

Many Bluetooth speakers come with convenient clips or handles for easy carrying. They can also be attached to backpacks and bags, allowing you to enjoy your favorite songs on the go without having to worry about tangling cords.

Another advantage of Bluetooth speakers is that they don’t rely on an audio signal from the synced device, so you won’t have to deal with app interruptions or phone calls. This feature makes them the best choice for people on the move. They are also much more affordable than larger speakers. Moreover, these speakers have great battery life and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Most large Bluetooth speakers have a lot of functionality that you can control through an app on your phone. This can include firmware updates, custom EQ settings and daisy chaining features that make them more versatile for listening to music in different spaces. Some brands even offer standardized sockets and accessories that allow you to mount your Bluetooth speaker in many ways.

For example, the Soundboks Speaker can be used in a variety of positions and comes with a shoulder strap, carabiner clip and lanyard for easy transport. It can also be paired with other Soundboks speakers for stereo sound or party mode, and has a range of connectivity options including AUX input and Wi-Fi streaming for higher fidelity.

The Monster Sparkle speaker has an impressive 80W of output with a dedicated subwoofer for impactful bass performance. This is particularly noticeable when listening to EDM, rock and hip-hop music genres. It also has a full panel lighting effect that creates a lightshow display and syncs to the beat of the music for a visually stunning experience at parties and gatherings.